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Complete MODO to ZBrush Workflow Tutorial

This is the first chapter of our MODO to ZBrush Workflow tutorial. This will give you a thorough idea of all the subjects covered in the tutorial and what you can expect to learn.

In The Complete MODO To ZBrush Workflow, we will take an in-depth look at not only how we can make the two programs play well together – we will take your through an industry proven and professional workflow for creating beautiful and memorable art.

Making characters – It’s one of the hardest and most satisfying endeavors to undertake while working in 3D. Almost every 3D artist has tried it at some point, and yet there are hardly any 3D tutorials explaining how you go about doing just that. It’s high time to demystify this subject.

Simply put, this is the most elaborate 3D tutorial out on the subject of character creation – using MODO and ZBrush. We cover everything from optimizing modo for modeling, to concept sculpting, efficient retopology, production ready UV mapping, UDIM workflow, doing fine details in ZBrush, setting up a displacement map in MODO, and much, much more. The entire series is packing a whopping 11.5 hours of quality training. This gives you a solid understanding of how go from MODO to ZBrush.

Character creation can be incredibly frustrating – both from an artistic point of view and most definitely from a technical point of view. Throughout this 3D tutorial, we cover the entire production – explaining WHY the specific steps are taken. By the time you finish, you will have a solid understanding of how to work reliably with characters – time and time again. Not only is the information useful, but it’s also based around a professional character workflow, used by us daily as professionals the VFX industry.

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