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6 Free Cinema 4D weapons for your next game


Creating a game is tough. You have the main characters, the storyline, and then you have all of the supporting content which make the game work. In a FPS or weapons oriented game, having various guns, swords, knives, and such is essential. Even if you are making a simple game of strategy, you may need to have a pocketknife, magnifying glass, or some other small 3d models. And while you could go about modeling all these out in Cinema 4D, why not get them for free? Here are 6 models of free weapons for cinema 4D which you may find useful for your next game.

Straight Sword

cinema 4d sword

cinema 4d sword

A simple model by terra2236, the straight sword can easily be integrated into your game as either a prop, or as a primary weapon. Due to the method in which it was designed, anyone with texturing knowledge could go in and tweak up the handle and blade with more realistic textures and use the sword for a cut scene without any issues. This is not a low polygon model, so you may wish to simplify some of the elements of geometry if you wish to use the straight sword in a mobile application.


cinema 4d sword2

The same artist presents the halberd. Like the straight sword, it is a higher polygon model and may need some simplification for some mobile games. However, if you are looking for a nice medieval weapon, perhaps weapon for a Mortal Kombat style game, this works well. Again, the textures could be updated, but for free, the model is rather nicely done. Because it is a halberd, the 3D character can easily have the weapon dummied/attached to his or her hand during gameplay.

Futuristic Gun

cinema 4d Gun

You cannot have a shooter game without guns. This futuristic gun is a low-poly model and is offered for free from lucascardosopsd. There is enough geometry in the model to give it texture and depth while keeping the model within a realistic boundary for gameplay. I specifically find the braided cords on the gun a nice touch. Going sci-fi? Change the white lens texture to a purple or blue with self-illumination turned on and you have a gun that glows as the 3d Character walk about the scene. Since the materials and textures are included with the free model, you can easily change out the black stock appearance for gunmetal, corroded metal, or give it a more futuristic aesthetic.

Pistol v11 with laser

This is one of those models that you definitively know was modeled for game creation by artist Brianadera25.First, you have a nice level of detail in a model with a realistic polygon count. Secondly, the gun looks like it belongs in a 3D character’s hand. It is not a support model as the model has a laser site. If you are making a FPS game, this would be a model worth considering, especially if precision shooting or target shooting is one of the objectives of the game. Ideal for a zombie shooter/ Resident Evil type of game.


Not every weapon provided needs to be a pistol or an RPG launcher. Personally, I like a game which has a plethora of guns and weapons to choose from. The MP7 by louisphillippe_ferreira gives you a bit of something different to use in your military style game. Texture it with camo or give it the traditional look. As the model is low-polygon, you can take a bit of liberties in the resolution of the textures you apply, or you could tweak up the model for cut scenes and close-ups. It does beat out the standard Unreal Tournament stock weapons and the everyday shotgun.

Pocket Knife

So, it is not your standard gun or knife, but it still would do well in your next game. The pocketknife from eugenmilimoh is a low poly, textured, and ready to go. It could also add a bit of humor to a game as well, especially if you have a bunch of big weapons and then, what is this I have to kill this creature with a pocket knife because I ran out of ammo? Of course, you could use it in a number of ways. Have it as a prop, a tactical element for making a weapon (such as you have to collect the knife, the fuse, the lighter, to make a bomb sort of situation). Regardless of how you use the pocket knife, as in real life, everyone should have one.

Other models

These are just the weapons that we found for cinema 4D. There are a ton of free 3D models, which are available for various games created within cinema 4D on CGTrader. If you are looking for a bit more detail in the models and characters, look at the low priced models they offer.

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