Zbrush To Vray 1.8 for Cinema 4d Workflow

Zbrush To VrayforC4d 1

This tutorial from “Rich Nosworthy‘ is about Z-brush to vray for cinema 4d workflow. let’s take a look !

From Rich: Been trying to figure out a good workflow to get models from zbrush into cinema4d and vray for ages. Thanks to Akin Belgic from cggallery.com for helping me figure out how to apply his great tutorial to the vrayforc4d workflow.

This is by no means an official vrayforc4d tutorial, just the best way i’ve found so far to get it working. Sorry for the poor sound on this too, i don’t have a mic right now

Zbrush To Vray 1.8  for Cinema 4d Workflow

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