UV Mapping in Maya: Fundamentals

Learning Autodesk Maya 2014 Training Video

Maya 2014 has a wealth of new features and optimizations, but, as always, a sound understanding of basic design and rendering concepts is just as important as learning the shiny new features.

In this post, you’ll get a hands-on introduction to UV Mapping in Maya, with 7 free videos from the 11-hour Infinite Skills Autodesk Maya 2014 Tutorial Video course for beginners. 3D modeling and effects professional Todd Palamar narrates the videos from Chapter 7: Texturing, from the full-length course.

UV mapping allows you to create a paintable 2D surface for your 3D objects designed in Maya. In these videos, you’ll go in depth with the many options available for customizing your models. You’ll also get a basic primer on Materials in Maya, and various aspects of rendering.

0701 Materials

0702 UV Mapping – Part 1

0703 UV Mapping – Part 2

0704 UV Mapping – Part 3

0705 Mirror And Layout UVs

0706 Applying Custom Textures

0707 Rendering

The full tutorial video series with work files can be purchased for $99.95 on DVD-ROM or as a direct download. Additional info and more free demo lessons are available on the Infinite Skills website.


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