After Effects – Infographic Expression Tutorial

After Effects - Infographic Expression Tutorial

In this tutorial from “” for aetuts you will learn How to set up an expression which is really easy to use these cool animations. and very easy to change using some few sliders. Must watch !

After Effects – Infographic Expression Tutorial

From Bryan Clark: Today I’ll share an expression I wrote to improve my workflow, which comes in handy any time I need to populate the screen with a large number of elements (e.g. filling the frame with photos, or animating info graphics, etc).

By laying the elements out first in Photoshop, then using the ValueAtTime & delay expressions, I have much greater flexibility for tweaks & future revisions than using standard methods (like the standard Sequence Layers function).

I’ll describe the normal method & show the problems therein; then explain the expression, what it means, and how to apply it.




  1. Joseph Wraith says

    This is great! Is there away to add a functionality that automatically sets the 3d layer at a particular distance according to layer number?

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