Understanding 3D Objects in Cinema 4D: Fundamentals

Understanding 3D Objects in Cinema 4D Fundamentals

When you are first getting started with Cinema 4D, figuring out the program’s basic tools and interface is everything. Cinema 4D does have some similarities with other 3D packages, but it also has its own quirks, and then again maybe you haven’t used anything else. While there’s always the option of poking around and figuring things out on your own (the hard way), it’s also nice to have a guide.

In this post, the software training company Infinite Skills is contributing a free chapter from their 7-hour Cinema 4D R14 Tutorial Video Course for beginners, narrated by designer and artist Chris Martin. The full course offers a 12-chapter walkthrough of 3D modeling, lighting, animation and rendering.

These five tutorial videos make up Chapter 3: Understanding 3D Objects. Martin covers organization through hierarchy and the coordinate system, and then goes into the creation and manipulation of some basic objects.

0301 Object Hierarchy And Parenting

0302 Coordinate Systems

0303 Select, Move, Scale, And Rotate

0304 Primitive Objects And Attributes

0305 Building A Chair

The training retails for $99.95 on DVD-ROM or as a download. More information and free videos can be found on the Infinite Skills site.

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