“The Magic of Water” Beauty shot – Behind the Scenes

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In this video, “The Magic of Water” by Alex Koloskov, he shows how he combined the model and splash of water into one composition.

Forming the water ball is quite extensive as he puts together all the pieces of the splash into the ball. He has compressed the 40+ minute photoshot into an 11 minute video.

“The Magic of Water” Beauty shot – Behind the Scenes

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerote Jeronimo Tabanera

    Very nice, but it seems her eyes are focusing onto a point in space other than the ball of water.

  • Karsten Kluge

    Secrets of studio photography (11:15)…Really? Dont know why they splash the model in the first place. There is more a trial and error than a secret. Are the client really pay enough? Photographer, women with the waterbottle, model, sidekick…
    Anyway thx 4 this piece, now i know there isnt any secrets… no offense! Just my 2cents