Using The Paint Node in Nuke to Remove Trackers

In this tutorial Freelance Nuke Compositor “Fredrik Mannerfelt” going to show you How to use The Paint Node in Nuke to remove tracking markers from a shot.

Using The Paint Node in Nuke to Remove Trackers

From Fredrik Mannerfelts: This is one of many ways to remove tracker markers in Nuke, using Paint. In short – track the marker and match-move a roto (Paint) to it. In the Shape tab, set the source to foreground and use translate in the clone tab to offset the background to a clean patch just next to the marker. Key frame the patch throughout the shot if needed. This is very similar to how we removed tracker markers in Shake – by using a offset copy of the plate as background and and a match-moved roto to to stencil the marker as foreground.


  • Rajnish

    nice work man…!!

  • Luiz Mihich

    Marvelous, Thank you .Old school is still the best way.