How to create an Rope in ZBrush

In this tutorial author “David Langley” going to show us a Simple  technique for creating realistic ropes in ZBrush using the CurveLineTube Brush.

How to create an Rope in ZBrush



  1. says

    Useless. No narration and did it at mach 10. It was like he was showing off that he could do it but didn’t want you to be able to follow along… It’s a shame because the end product looked really cool.

  2. disqus_w9ZMbW9aId says

    Would be nice if You redid this with instruction. IT doesn’t actually show us how you did it. So this is not a How to video,

  3. Jolene Lopez says

    Great rope, but calling this a tutorial would be a lie. I gained nothing from that but frustration because I can’t follow along at the same time.

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