Creating Radial Symmetry in Mudbox using Maya Bonus Tools

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In this tutorial “Suite-ish Lee Fraser” shows How to create radial symmetry in Mudbox using Maya Bonus Tools.

Creating Radial Symmetry in Mudbox using Maya Bonus Tools

From Suite-ish Lee Fraser: I like checking out all the other blogs here on the Area. It’s easy to get inspired with ideas for new posts of my own and today’s post is no exception. Steven Roselle has a webinar coming up next week which I’ll shamelessly promote for him as thanks for helping spawn my post. Boost your productivity with Maya Bonus Tools and Layout Tools. Definitely check it out, Steven authored many of the tools he’ll be talking about and in this video I use his Auto Unwrap UVs Tool along with Align UVs as a way of setting up your model for painting and sculpting in Mudbox using radial symmetry.


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