Object Tracking Workflow in Blender

The new Blender 2.61 release includes the Cycles Render Engine, Motion Tracking, Dynamic Paint, the Ocean Simulator, and extended Python API, new presets for Camera Sensor size, an Adobe After Effects Exporter and a Nuke camera animation exporter and importer. The following tutorial by Sebastian Konig, shows us how to track workflow and the capabilities that are now in the new Blender 2.61. Check the Blender.org site for more information on the release of the Blender 2.61 and it’s new features.

Object Tracking Workflow in Blender

This is a short demo of the basic workflow to solve the motion of a moving object into a shot with a moving camera.
For more info on this watch the tutorial on blendercookie.com
(the interface has already some slight improvements)


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