Lighting and Texturing an iPhone 4S in Cinema 4d

Once again “Mr. Nick Campbell” from greyscalegorilla is back with his new tutorial and this tutorial author going to show you How to Lighting and Texturing an iPhone 4S using Cinema 4d. Let’s ‘ve a look !

Lighting and Texturing an iPhone 4S in Cinema 4d

From Nick: In this video, I show you how I built my render for the first GSG Lighting Challenge from a couple months ago. First, I show you some of the ways I figured out how to light the scene and then I get into changing some of the textures and dialing it in to get the final look. The goal was to make a pixel perfect render of the intro to this iPhone 4S Video from Apple. There were ton of renders and critique in the comments from some really great artists over the last couple months. Hopefully it was a helpful challenge. I know I learned a lot doing it. I will be looking for an excuse to do another one of these soon.



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