Turn your iPad into a 3D Controller with Maide Control

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Maide Control App, developed by Maide, allows you to use your ipad’s multi-touch screen to interact with your 3D models as well as snap to orthogonal views. With this app, you can also control your mouse and keyboard from your ipad.

Turn your iPad into a 3D Controller with Maide Control

Maide Control currently supports Google SketchUp and Rhino on Windows only, with support for additional 3D applications and the Mac coming soon.

Use your iPad during presentations to show off your model with style and take screenshots from your CAD model onto your iPad to take with you as a reference for sketching later, or email them out directly from the app.

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Key Features:

  • Pan, Orbit, and Zoom your 3D model for slick presentations.
  • Quickly snap to Orthogonal Views (top, left, right, front, back).
  • Gesture based tool selection with our innovative radial menu.
  • Connect multiple iPads to the same model for collaborative viewing.
  • Quickly save screenshots of your models to your iPad for easy sharing.
  • Use your iPad screen as a trackpad to control your mouse cursor.
  • Use your iPad’s on-screen keyboard to type on your computer.
  • Standardizes basic controls across all supported 3D Applications.
  • Quick auto-connect for frequently used connections.
  • Only authorized people can connect to your computer.
  • Connects to your computer via Wi-Fi or ad hoc Network.

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